Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Atmosphere, air pressure, and water field trips

Science-One science class we talked about the earth’s atmosphere. We talked about heavy air and light air. We talked about oxygen and carbon dioxide. We did one where the water went up when the oxygen was burned up.

 My whole group. I sure love these kids:

The next week we learned about air pressure. One of my favourite subjects. We did lots of things that felt like magic tricks including putting a card on the bottom of a jar filled with water and having the air pressure from underneath keep the card from spilling the water.

We also did the good ol’ egg in a bottle trick.The kids love it.

As part of this, we learned about aerodynamics. We learned about how the shape of a wing creates lift because of air pressure.

Practically the next day we went to the Cardston airport for a picnic and saw the shape of wings face to face!

The next week we went to the city’s water purification facility!

It really was like a humungous Britta Water filter. We are the first city to get the water from the mountains. After that, we treat our waist and put it back into the river. So the water the other cities get is our recycled tickle!  

The city worker was so informative and interesting. I loved it, and I think the kids did too. I totally want to make this a tradition.

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