Thursday, July 12, 2018

Weather, Crazy Weather

As for science:

Weather, crazy weather.

We had one lesson that focused on how hot low pressure and cold high pressure effected weather. We did this AWESOME experiment. One of the coolest ones I've ever done, where we made a cloud in a bottle out of evaporated alcohol!

The next club we talked about extreme weather. We made cyclones out of pop bottles joined at the bottleneck, and we made static electricity with balloons and made thunder sounds, and we made storm surges by sucking out air from a upside-down bowl in water, but I think my favourite experiment was when we made an inversion.

We put hot/yellow water in two jars and cold/blue water in two jars. We put cold on the bottom in one stack, and hot on the bottom in the other. In the one with hot on the bottom, the water immediately mixed=green, but in the one with cold on the bottom, it did not. We talked about how this happens with air sometimes.

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